Business-In-A-Box Terms & Conditions 

Thank you for your payment. Plan and Prosper hereby grants you a license to use the purchased Secrets to Creating A 6 Figure Home Service Business online course. This license is limited and is subject to the rights and obligations granted under these Terms. 


General Terms & Conditions Of Service:


  • Plan & Prosper mentors are available from Monday- Friday. Monday-Thursday from 10 am-6:30 pm eastern time and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm eastern time. These hours may vary depending on your mentor’s travel schedule. In efforts to better assist you, please communicate with us via our Facebook private group. We will answer any questions that you may have in our group. Please, no emails or private messages on social media. We do not offer email support, and we are unable to answer any questions or respond to any concerns via email. All emails will be redirected to our Facebook group. 
  • Answers to your commonly asked questions can be found on our Facebook group page. You will receive an invitation to join our Facebook group. Please scroll to the bottom of our Facebook page to the top. Please read all posts posted in the group before you start the course. This will give you more insight and information regarding the course.  
  • If you would like to schedule a time to speak with one of our mentors we'll be happy to help you with any of your questions. Please click this link to request a call with one of our mentors.
  • Requesting An Appointment To Speak To A Mentor: This package includes 3 hours of phone consultation services/ mentorship and unlimited access to our Facebook page.  All mentorship phone hours must be used during the 93 days. Any mentorship hours or minutes that aren't used during the 93 days will be lost. 
  • Please allow us up to 24 business hours to respond to any questions or concerns. 
  • Plan & Prosper is not responsible for covering any recurring subscription fees for your business. Your domain name is included in your package, and it is valid for one year. You will have to renew your domain after a year. The first month of your professional email and website hosting will be covered under your purchase. You will be responsible for recurring fees to keep your email and website active. You will be responsible for providing us with the html code for your booking form. If the code isn't provided within 5 days of requesting it, you will be responsible for placing it on your website yourself.  
  • The main course is located on This course is available for 93 days.If you need an additional 30 days to review the course please let us know before the 93 days is up. You may request to extend the course for an additional 30 days . The maximum amount of days that you can have access to the course is 4 months.  Our pre-course is available on . It is available for 30 days. The Teachable course can be extended. The course on Kartra cannot be extended.  
  • Plan & Prosper is not responsible for any recurring subscription fees. Plan & Prosper will cover your first month’s fee for your toll-free telephone number & business email address. You will be responsible for updating your billing with your personal debit/ credit card within 5 days from receiving your login information for these softwares. Failure to update your account with your name, address, and debit/credit card will lead to the account being closed. We will not issue a refund for the course or credit under any conditions if you fail to update your accounts. Please set a personal reminder for yourself to update your accounts. 
  • Plan & Prosper is responsible for building the foundation for your business. You are responsible for making it successful. All services are non-refundable under any conditions.  Plan & Prosper will provide all services per our agreement. All chargebacks will result in an $8,000 chargeback fee plus the cost of the purchase of your course regardless of the chargeback decision made by your bank. If we are unable to collect the chargeback fee within 48 hours, we will notify our legal team, and they will take legal action immediately . By signing this agreement, you are verifying that you are aware of our no refund policy. If we must pursue legal action, the buyer (yourself) will be responsible for a $8,000 chargeback fee, the cost of the course purchase, a $2,000 inconvenience fee, plus any legal and filing fees that are required to pursue legal action against you or your company. 
  • All requested information for logos and websites must be submitted by the deadline. You must post your logo and website example ideas to our Facebook group within two weeks from the date of your purchase. Failure to submit the needed information will result in receiving a custom logo and website from Plan & Prosper that will not be revised by our team under any conditions. Please remember that it is your responsibility to submit all of the requirements for your logo and website before the deadline. Deadlines won't be extended under any conditions, and refunds won't be processed if you fail to provide us with requested information in time. If you have purchased a business that already includes the logo, please disregard the deadline for the logo. 


Plan & Prosper is not authorized to provide legal guidance. We cannot provide assistance with your taxes, accounting, or labor laws.




- Please follow the pre-course and send all requested information to our staff via email within two weeks from the time of your purchase. 


- Please make a post in our Facebook group regarding  your desired domain name, website examples, and domain email address within two weeks from the original date of purchase. Please keep in mind that you are exempt from providing this information if you have purchased a business that is already built. 


- Please check your email within the first 48 business hours for your login username and password for your course. If you have issues logging in for the first time, please advise us via email immediately. The amount of days that you have to access the course will not be extended if you lose your login information, delete it by mistake, or report not receiving it. All students are responsible for checking their inbox and spam folder for their login information and reporting that they didn't receive it within 48 business hours from the time they purchased the course. 


 The sharing of Plan & Prosper’s documents or videos in any way is strictly prohibited. Sharing of any documents provided by P&P can lead to legal action. 




This license is personal to you and cannot be shared or exchanged with others.

We understand how exciting it is to start or grow your business, but please reframe from sharing the structure or what’s discussed in the course with others. This includes sharing the course and its details on social media. The only place where the course can be discussed is in our private Facebook group. This course is not to be shared, duplicated, reworded to be resold, or shared via email, via social media, or through any other method outside of our group. Violating any of our copyright terms will lead to the termination of services without a refund, a $1,000,000 fine, and additional legal action. If violated, you will be responsible for all filing and legal costs that Plan & Prosper Business Services or EachOneTeachOne may have to pay. You will be locked out of your course, and no refund will be given for violation of this policy.



Only one person is allowed to study the course they signed up for. If you have a business partner, they must sign up separately and purchase the course individually if they would like to access the course. A separate email and password will be sent to them once they register.




This course doesn’t include the purchase of softwares or subscriptions with the exception of the registration of your domain name for the first year, the payment for the first month of your office 365 email address, and a 30-day trial subscription your virtual business number. These softwares are only available to those who have purchased the Build-A-Business or Business-In-A-Box Program. In order for your website to remain visible, you will be required to pay a monthly or yearly fee for, Wordpress, or P&P isn’t responsible for any software or hosting fees. We cover the cost of your domain name if you’ve purchased a Build –A - Business or Business In A Box program. You will be required to update your debit /credit card on file within 10 days from the time we’ve purchased your domain name . Failing to update your card by the 10th day will result in the cancellation of your domain name & email address without the possibility of a refund . All students are responsible for the cost of their own business licenses, insurance, softwares, or certificates .



The Basics


This course is based on my personal blueprint that I’ve used to run my home services business. You may use the tools that I provide in the course to create and mold a business plan that works for you and your business. We will provide you with the tools to succeed in this course, but it will be up to you to do the work. By signing this document, you understand that it's your responsibility to complete the 93-day course and put in the work yourself if you want to be successful .The course will be available for 93 days after the time of the original purchase date. You may complete the course at your own pace during those 93 days. If additional time is needed to review the course you may request a 30 day extension prior to the end of your enrollment. Once the 93 days is over, you will not be able to request an extension. You will no longer have access to the course online once it’s expired; however, you will have a lifetime membership to our Facebook Group as long as you have not violated the group rules or our respect policy. 



Documents For The Build-In-A-Business Program 


All documents are templates that you may use. You may edit the documents to fit your business terms, regulations, and general structure of the business you would like to create. P&P will customize each document with your personal logo . No other changes will be made to the text of any documents . This includes the welcome packet for your technicians. You are responsible for any changes or edits that you would like to make to your documents. 





Our Build A Business program includes the creation of one logo for your business. You are required to send us your logo details within two weeks from the time of your purchase. Failing to do so before the deadline results in us creating a logo for you. Once the deadline has passed, we won't be able to make any revisions to the logo we generated under any conditions. 


 Once your logo is completed, you will receive the finalized logo in a pdf, jpeg, and png format. You are required to provide us with examples of 2 logos that you like. You will also choose the font that you would like the logo to be in, the three colors that you would like used to create your logo, a description of how you would like your logo to look, or a custom sketch of the logo. Our graphic design team will work hard to create a logo that you love based on the information that you provided. We will provide you with three sketches of your logo . You can choose which logo you like the best. If there are any edits that you would like made, you may request them, and we will be happy to fix them for you. If there are any additional requests to either edit or completely recreate the design there will be a $25 fee for each edit or new logo design. A refund or partial refund cannot be issued if you decide to create your own logo or use your existing logo. We will work hard to create the logo that you love for your business based on your description, but we won’t be able to issue a refund if we are unable to meet your expectations. 


Using Your Own Logo


You may use your own logo if they are formatted correctly. You will be required to email your logo in a pdf, jpeg, and png format. If we don’t have your logo in all formats, we won’t be able to add your logo to your documents or website. Your package includes a customized logo. If you don’t want us to create a logo for you , you will be responsible for adding a logo that wasn’t created by our company to documents, welcome packet emails, and website. 


Website Design 



Our Build A Business package includes our standard web design plan. You are required to send us your website details within two weeks from the time of your purchase. Failing to do so before the deadline results in us creating a website for you. Once the deadline has passed, we won't be able to make any revisions to the website that we created for you under any conditions. Your website can include up to 8 pages. The most common pages include a home page, contact page, booking page, list of service page, terms and conditions page, employment opportunities page, and testimonials page. Custom check out carts, pricing sliders, etc. aren’t included in this package. On your custom website, we will include your approved cleaning checklists, logo, terms, and introduction. You will be responsible for adding any additional content to your website once it’s been approved by you. Once the website is completed, you will have up to 4 days to report any changes to us. All final requests must be made by day 5. No additional changes can be made to the site once your submit your first changes, please make sure that all changes are submitted in the first request in writing. By day 6, you will receive access to your login information and your website. Once you request changes and we've provided you with your login information, we will not be responsible for your site. If any parts of your site is deleted, removed, missing, etc. You will be fully responsible for making those changes once the website has been turned over. We will not recreate any parts of the website over. Once that deadline has expired, we won’t be able to make any changes to your website. Once you have approved your website, we won’t be able to revisit the website and make any changes to it under any conditions. 


Facebook Rules- This package includes 93 days of access to our private Facebook group. This feature will be extended to lifetime access to me and my free coaching program as long as you do not violate our Facebook group terms , request to no longer receive my mentorship after the course ends, violate the course policy, or disrespect the staff. Our goal is to work with you as you continue your journey.


Understanding The Course & Additional Tasks


As a courtesy, sometimes, we may provide bonus videos or tutorials of commonly used software. If you need any further assistance using or understanding softwares, please contact the software company directly to assist you with questions, concerns, pricing, and troubleshooting. Being an entrepreneur is all about learning to solve some problems on your own. There will be times that you will have to figure out some things on your own. Some topics may be outside of what this course entails.



Facebook Group Terms 


No cyberbullying or offensive language in the group . Bullying other students on the online group will lead to immediate termination from the group without a refund . 


We are so excited to work with you! Check out what your Business In A Box Package Includes 


  • A Custom Logo
  • One Custom Standard Website Created By Our Team
  • A Domain Name. (Requires renewal after a year) 
  • A Toll-Free Number For Your Business
  • One Year Of Free Domain Registry 
  • 93 Day Course
  •  Access to Our Private Facebook group
  • Group mentorship calls
  • 3 hours of one on one mentorship calls 
  • Lifetime mentorship & support from instructor (per the terms and conditions ) (FREE BONUS) 
  • The Pre Course (FREE BONUS) 
  • A customized handbook for your cleaners, handymen, or smart home installation technicians 
  • A customized application 
  • Policies & Procedures guidelines for cleaners, handymen, or smart home installation technicians
  • Custom graphics for your site
  • Facebook Page Set Up
  • Jot form setup  
  • Marketing campaign graphics  
  • Handyman Orientation Guide
  • Business Voicemail Set-Up
  • 30 Days Of Email Support
  • Safety Guide For Handymen 
  • 3 custom email marketing templates 
  • Custom Training Video For Your Cleaners  
  • HR Assistance. Application review for two weeks
  • Created content for your website including cleaning checklists and business terms and conditions   
  • *NEW 12 professional uniform shirts with your company's logo on the front. 
  • NEW Live training videos for your cleaners 


* Not valid if you purchased a discounted promotion 



Free Features Policy. Please keep in mind that Plan & Proper and Nichollette Roberson has the right to restrict or discontinue any free services such as access to the private Facebook page, 30-day access to the Free pre-course Bonus course, or any other free promotions under any conditions. 


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